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The Chapman Group - Contact Us

Our purpose is to enable individuals, teams and organizations to transform to perform.  We specialize in developing human resource strategies and HR programs that help businesses deliver on performance goals, facilitate change and build leadership capability.  We believe in respect for the individual, leading with integrity and making a difference every day.  

Based on these values, we work with teams and individuals to enable them to fulfill their full potential.   We support not for profit organizations by donating 10% of our working time to help serve the communities within which we live and work.  By investing in yourself and your team, you invest in your future and we want to help.

The Chapman Group provides human resources expertise and consulting to meet the needs of our valued clients. We have comprehensive experience in learning and development, talent development, organizational effectiveness, change management and human resource planning.

We invite you to explore our website to learn more about The Chapman Group and how we can enable you to create a competitive advantage through your people.